From the ashes

From the ashes

And from the ashes it will be born and reborn again,
even after the most burning pain,
after been skin and life, and then be dust and death,
it will fly and shine intermittently in a new opportunity throughout the sky,
even after sorrow and destruction from darkness and incertitude,
after disbelief, pride, and selfishness,
after fire and wounds, after fear and truth,
it will vanish into thin air,
submerged in bright flames from hell itself,
flames of hate, and shame, in the deepest of abyss,
then after surrender,
It will find itself in ashes, and from the ashes it will grow, in peace, in light, in love and in harmony….

Original in Spanish: De las cenizas

Citlalli Ayala R.S.M. 2010


I fall in love with myself in you

He feeds of me, he listen to my words They seem interesting love of impossibility is an idealized love, I feel my heart so soft, my lover without love......


To let love go

...After all the failure and nostalgia, after all the mistakes and anxiety from all the fairy tales and sad endings, from the tears, the wings and the chains, to let love go without offering a battle......


If I could talk about you

If i could talk about you, a chain of grass would arise, an infinite chain of grass, covering softly my memory....