I fall in love with myself in you

He feeds of me, he listen to my words
They seem interesting
love of impossibility is an idealized love,
I feel my heart so soft, my lover without love…

This is my secret,not to think of you,
I’m addicted to amorousness,
I fall in love with myself in you
when you eat with your eyes my words

How sweet is my unused saliva
it isn’t used when you feed from me,
because i don’t speak with you,
is just the saliva that goes and swallow itself
in the flow of my ideas.

It’s just desire…
prince, lover, beautiful tragedy,
you are just like you were that time,
when you turned and i looked at you
i met your eyes, a gesture and your hair,
you are a projector of ideas,
like the idea of desire,
and the idea of been in love with myself in you.


Original in Spanish: Me enamoro de mi en ti
Citlalli Ayala R.S.M 2008

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If I could talk about you

If i could talk about you, a chain of grass would arise, an infinite chain of grass, covering softly my memory....

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You wake up something in me

...But in my fantasies it's you, today it's you, with all your weirdness, for waking something in me, something that was asleep deep in my soul... ...there is only the primitive desire for you to answer to my call, to my perfume, to me......