If I could talk about you

If i could talk about you,
a chain of grass would arise,
an infinite chain of grass,
covering softly my memory.

You and your tempting steel tongue,
twisting it in the deepest of my dreams,
making vibrate my memories,
what about all of this dreams?

I’ll project myself in you,
I will be located in your back,
meanwhile you’ll hit in me,
music and secrets of the anima.

I was there, near your lips,
lips covered in April, and the devil’s tongue,
If i could talk about you, i would scream it very hard
and if there is something from me in you,
i wish it doesn’t die.

But you are not here, and when i’m with you
the roar of the drums
alter my senses,
your beat and my visions, accelerate my heartbeat

Now, if i could talk about you,
I would grant you a wish,
and locate in your heart,
the anchors of your dreams

And if i could talk about you, and ask you for a wish
I would ask you and your tongue of steel
that with the power of your beat
you destroy the limits of the sky for me.


Original in Spanish: Si pudiera hablar de ti

Citlalli Ayala R.S.M 2009.05



Ho affogato con gli occhi fissi a un cielo che non sarà mai mio per che non è mai di nessuno, non è una possessione ...

... si nasce solo,
si vive solo,
si muore solo...


You wake up something in me

...But in my fantasies it's you, today it's you, with all your weirdness, for waking something in me, something that was asleep deep in my soul... ...there is only the primitive desire for you to answer to my call, to my perfume, to me......


I fall in love with myself in you

He feeds of me, he listen to my words They seem interesting love of impossibility is an idealized love, I feel my heart so soft, my lover without love......