You wake up something in me

You wake up something in me,
i know you could, but i can’t put it back to sleep,
i’m not capable to deny it, i’m not capable to lie,
i can say the half, the half of the truth for the fear, and the difficulties of it…

But in my fantasies it’s you, today it’s you,
with all your weirdness, for waking something in me,
something that was asleep deep in my soul,
something that was waiting for the right wind to light the flame,
something that i tought was asleep for the rest of my existence.

And see it burn it’s more than enough to be thankful forever,
but the flame comes with fantasies,
i wish i could give you the fantasies,
and as much as i respect your space and freedom i also want to go near and feel your heat,
and as much as i want to fill my body with clean air,
i also want to fill the room where we breathe together with flames and smoke from my solar and crazy soul.

You wake up something in me, i don’t wanna see it sleep again,
i refuse to see it vanish like it was before in fear, loneliness, routine, apathy and resignation of a life with which i never dream about.

I wait for the day the right wind blows,
and my body burns with all its power because it’s then when i’m myself,
I have to wait for that day, the right day when your eyes meet my eyes and not the infinite sky,
so it doesn’t goes unobserved, my song, my prayers, my deepest feelings, my thankfulness, my confession,
so you take it wherever you go like a shooting star, because in the end we are all shooting stars,
for me there is no fear, there is only anticipation to see the reaction of your eyes,
there is only anxiety for it to happen as soon as possible,
there is only the primitive desire for you to answer to my call, to my perfume, to me…

Original in Spanish: Despertaste algo en mi
Citlalli Ayala R.S.M 2016-11-02


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